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Jamf offers several training programs for your organsations certification requirements.&
Jamf 100No Pre-requisite
Jamf 200No Pre-requisite - Jamf 100 suggested (recommended by D8 Services)
Jamf 300Jamf 200 Required
Jamf 400Jamf 300 Required

Jamf 100 Course

The Jamf 100 Course offers an introduction to Jamf Pro and managing Apple devices. This course covers foundations for macOS, iOS, tvOS and Jamf Pro server. The Jamf 100 Course is self-paced, completely free, and offered online.


  • Introduction to Jamf Pro
  • macOS, iOS, and tvOS foundations


  • None

Jamf 200 Course

The Jamf 200 Course (formerly Certified Casper Technician) builds upon the features learned in the Jamf 100 Course and takes a deeper, more hands-on approach to Apple device management with Jamf Pro.


  • Further explanation of Jamf Pro and Apple services
  • Deployment, security and configuration techniques
  • Building and managing content for deployment


  • Abundant hands-on experience with macOS and iOS
  • Completion of the Jamf 100 Course is strongly recommended

Jamf 300 Course

The Jamf 300 Course (formerly Certified Casper Admin) builds on the IT professional’s knowledge of Jamf Pro and the macOS/iOS platforms. The course applies a scenario and challenge-based examination for the management of Apple devices.


  • Security management workflows
  • Patch Management
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Shell Scripting
  • Jamf Pro API
  • Advanced policies
  • Self Service Customization/Branding
  • Jamf Pro Infrastructure (Sites, Network Segments, Distribution Points)


  • Jamf Certified Tech or
  • Jamf Certified Admin or
  • Jamf Certified Expert or
  • Certified Casper Technician (CCT) v9 or
  • Certified Casper Admin (CCA) v9 or
  • Certified Casper Expert (CCE) v9


  • Experience manipulating scripts and configuration files in a command line interface
  • Windows and Linux familiarity
  • Virtual machine setup, use, and manipulation
  • Broad Jamf Pro capability and device management understanding

What's Included:

  • Four days of lab-style, scenario and workflow-based learning, and peer discussion
  • All hardware and software required for the course
  • Printed course materials
  • Jamf Certified Server Admin badge on your Jamf Nation profile (upon successfully completing the exam with a passing score)

Jamf 400 Course

The Jamf 400 Course (formerly Certified Casper Expert) strengthens and expands the IT professional’s skill set with Jamf Pro and macOS. The course takes a deep dive into macOS management through real-world, challenge-based scenarios.


  • Infrastructure integration for scalable deployments
  • Advanced Jamf Pro API usage
  • Expert level management workflows
  • Advanced Scripting


  • Jamf Certified Admin or
  • Jamf Certified Expert or
  • Certified Casper Admin (CCA) v9 or
  • Certified Casper Expert (CCE) v9
  • Scripting Knowledge

This article was updated on July 23, 2021